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Poker Origins

bigarrowPoker, the father of card games, has a long history over the centuries. ReadMore>>

Numerous Games

bigarrowMore than 40 game variations awaits you to play. Ready to be the dealer? ReadMore>>

Mobile Apps

bigarrowDealer's Choice has the ultimate app for Android phones. Deal with it! ReadMore>>

New Game: Spaghetti


Deal five cards face down to each player. On every betting round, the dealer flips two cards and each player must discard one card from his hand. Players can use their...


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Discover another side of Poker...

dealerDealer's choice is a style of poker where each player may deal a different variant. Our website is dedicated to all of you who aspire to be the dealer and make your own game even for one night. As the deal passes clockwise around the table, each player chooses a variant which is either played just for the current hand or for an entire night. Although money is involved, it is a common choice for home games, where the tone is usually more recreational than competitive.

Our game collection breaks from the typical forms of poker through the use of wild cards, burn cards, and kill cards in addition to variations on betting structure. It includes games from the 3 major categories of card games: American poker (no introductions necessary), the traditional French game “Poque” and the famous Greek card game “Poka”. Dealer’sChoice.net has assembled an extensive collection of 40+ poker game variants to choose from, sorted by style game -stud, community and wild card- as well as alphabetically. We chose these games one-by-one. We are certain you will find them challenging, fun and we guarantee they will make your home poker game capturing and interesting.


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